Regina Frazzetta: "I can't remember when I have felt this good with my back.

I have a better outlook on life, I laugh more and stand up straight.

<> Dr. Bonati gave

me my life back."


Christian Rodriguez: "Dr. Bonati is a life saver! I was able to walk and

stand up straight the next day after my surgery."


Jose' Rodriguez: (Father of Christian) "Dr. Bonati, you have given my son

his life back. Our family's hearts are full of love and respect for you."


Robert Eick: "My most delightful experience is being able to walk again."


Miriam Eick: (Wife of Robert) "The Bonati Spine Institute made it possible

for my husband to find his "field of dreams" by restoring his ability to be

mobile again and free of pain and agony."


Bob Skonier: " I came here walking with a cane and after the first lumbar

surgery, the cane was put away. I have had a life changing experience here

at The Bonati Spine Institute in a very positive way."


Monica Wheelock: "I'm doing great, I have my life back."


Judy Brumbaugh: "Dr. Bonati, you have an outstanding organization, and by

hiring the best of the best, you have set yourselves aside from the rest."

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