The Bonati Spine Institute’s medical complex occupies an 11-acre campus in Hudson, located on  Florida’s Gulf Coast, approximately 30 miles north of Tampa International Airport. All pre-operative, 

operative and post-operative services are performed in the ___-square-foot facility, however for out of-town guests, it should be noted that the Institute is convenient to major highways, hotels and 

  The Institute’s world class patient care begins at the Administrative and Clinical Services Center, an impressive mirrored facility, designed by Bonati Spine Institute founder Dr. Alfred O. Bonati. The 

 experienced administrative support staff is available to answer any question or fulfill any request from coordinating insurance claims to assisting with travel and accommodations. The Administrative and 

 Clinical Services Center also offers a full range of amenities for patients and guests, including high-speed Internet access, a refreshment bar and an auditorium with a large screen television.

 The Bonati Spine Institute’s surgical suite features private rooms for consultations and pre-op appointments, ___ operation rooms outfitted with technology patented by Dr. Bonati, and a recovery 

 Dr. Bonati’s goal is for the Bonati Spine Institute to become a loyal partner in every patients’ spinal health life. At the Bonati Spine Institute each patient is treated as an individual, entitled to 

 comprehensive care, and not as a number. This is what sets the Bonati Spine Institute apart. That, and of course, the Institute’s unmatched expertise and the patented Bonati Spine Procedures, performed  

exclusively at the Bonati Spine Institute.

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